Want to increase activity and generate more revenue?

SalesScreen is a sales productivity tool that helps your teams focus on driving activity on the metrics that matter most to revenue growth and success. We combine all of your sales metrics and goals with the power of data visualization and gamification to deliver increased performance on your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Welcome to sales management in the 21stcentury where data is king and improving performance is easier than ever before. For decades, teams have used sales bells, white boards and other tools to motivate their sales reps, but these tools were limited in ability. Now, you can simultaneously connect all of your offices, see data in real-time, and analyze the trends and behaviors that equal success.

As a result, customers experience stronger sales culture, lower turnover, better awareness on goals and increased activity on the metrics that matter most to revenue growth and success.  Read more 



So, what is sales motivation software?

We have simplified sales performance management by placing everything you need to motivate salespeople on one place. Instant recognition on TV, web and mobile app. A full dashboard to display sales pipeline. Tons of exciting sales competitions that can be tailored quickly to meet your needs. Leaderboards, wall of fame, 1-on-1 competitions, and so much more!

Our mission is to help build great sales organizations all around the world by making sales fun, engaging, exciting and rewarding.

We make it easy to set objectives, measure performance and provide real-time feedback and celebrations for the completion of sales activities. The results are more focused activity from salespeople, high performing sales culture, and increased revenue.



* Quickly view your quota, forecasts, and sales progression

* Receive instant feedback and provide advice

* See detailed information on your KPIs

* Understand the results of your sales processes

* Clearly communicate your team`s performance

* Predict sales outcomes

* Discover how to increase revenues or reduce expenses

* Compare your results with other sales reps

* Get detailed information on your sales, offers, meetings, and activities

* Export and print your spreadsheets with a single click

* Customize your data to display exactly how you want it


* Sales rep recognition on TV screens with photo, music and sale details

* Tons of customizable slides to show your latest company updates

* Real-time individual and team sales competitions

* Battle Mode` for 1-1 challenges

* Customizable milestone `Events` to celebrate outstanding performance

* Leaderboards and Wall of Fame

* Hundreds of unique ranks and badges to unlock


* Send and receive instant updates on sales activity

* Access all of your data and KPIs

* Instantly congratulate other sales reps on a job well done

* Track company statistics and forecasts

* Review your company`s SalesScreen newsfeed

* View competitions and achievements

* Access your screens to update or show information 


* Salesforce

* Oracle

* Microsoft Dynamics

* 24/7 Office

* Visma

* Pipedrive

* Loxysoft

* Zapier

* LeadDesk

* Podio

* Open API

* ... and more!!!



David Smith, CMO


+47 983 63 754




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