People achieve more when they are motivated

Sales leaders are facing a new set of challenges in the workplace. The unique demands of today’s sales staff and the ever-increasing rate of employee disengagement are all putting strain on today’s leaders. Performance management, or building a successful and high-performance sales culture requires a new set of skills.

Unfortunately, many organizations are struggling to keep up and the numbers look bad:  

  • Inside most organizations, 20% of the staff produce 80% of the results
  • Only 13% of the global workforce are engaged in their work
  • 40% of employees say they’d work harder if they were recognized more at work
  • More than 50% of global salespeople will miss their annual targets in 2017

To get the most out of sales people you need to give continuous feedback, you need to give clarity around instructions, you need to give recognition and you need to reinforce desired behaviors in real-time.

Sparta helps you tackle this changing landscape of performance management by giving you tools to motivate, recognize and reward your staff for adopting the behaviors that will lead to success.

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